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Bluff Blasts England
by Mary Green ( May 13 2007 14:20:0 )

The top magazine dealing with the poker gaming industry explores the Queen's land.

The land of the Queen, England is starting to turn into the next poker land. How come? One of the most popular magazines focusing on the world of playing poker offline and online and on the vast number of online poker rooms as well as online casinos and other brick & mortar casinos and poker rooms is scheduled to blast the road to the hearts of the land of the queen. The Firs...

Cockfighting Arrests in Cocke County
by Mary Green ( February 12 2007 12:48:0 )

Cocke County Sheriffs department assisted in taking down a large cockfighting operation.

The Cocke County Sheriffs department has made more cockfighting arrests, with the assistance of other law enforcement department. The FBI, State Troopers and Sheriffs deputies arrested 4 men yesterday, during a raid aimed at stopping illegal gambling. All 4 of the men are in their 60's. The US Attorney said that the 4 men will be charged with operating an illegal gambling business and sponsoring or exhibiting gamecocks in an animal-fighting venture. This 2nd charge is a federal felony and ...

Father Arrested for Child Abuse in Casino
by Ronald Hall ( January 25 2007 14:30:0 )

A father of 2 was arrested for leaving his kids unattended in a car for over 4 hours while he played

the Father of 2 children was arrested after he left his kids in a car to go gamble in a local casino. A security guard walking his rounds outside the Spa Resort and casino spotted the 2 kids walking around in the parking lot in front of the casino at approximately around two in the morning. The security guard, who was initially under the assumption that the kids were lost soon, discovered the truth. Their father had left them in the car around 11 pm with some fast food to eat and half a bott...

Republican Lawmaker Wants Poker Legalized
by Karen Adams ( January 10 2007 12:35:0 )

A republican lawmaker in South Carolina wants to update the 200 year old gambling laws.

After 200 years a republican lawmaker decides it is time to update South Carolinas gambling laws to allow people to have home poker games. The bill is still in its early stages of being drafted but the goal is to bring South Carolinas laws up to the year 2007. as the law sits now card and dice games are technical all illegal, meaning even games like monopoly, a game almost every child around the world has played could l...

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Poker Guide for New Players:

Online Poker Guide gives you concise information such as poker tips and books to win more money at poker and video poker. I have played at many poker rooms and even spend my time gambling at poker tournaments. Though repeatedly I have played roulette, blackjack, craps and even sometimes tried out video poker at online casinos and slots, my passion for poker is overwhelming.

Yes - I too enjoy from time to time pulling the lever at the many online gambling slot bonanzas offered, but when it comes down to serious gaming - I always opt for poker.

Poker is one of those games that make you rely not only on luck but also on your own skill. One of the things I have found to be helpful is online sites such as this. They give you FREE information, which they have already edited. Simply by surfing the web it becomes very easy to improve your online poker game.

This is precisely why I have put together interesting and concise information such as poker tips, poker locations and books that can help you win more money at poker than you are earning today.

No gambling or online casino game has foolproof systems, but you can definitely tilt the odds in your favour if you play rationally, shrewdly, cleverly and mathematically. The internet is full of sites offering you foolproof ways to win money by just buying their book, practicing their methods and winning big. Always remember that if these so-called foolproof poker methods actually worked, the writers would be out there playing poker instead of writing a book on the strategy of poker.

King Size Texas Holdem:

Would you like to win a ten million dollars award? Learn from Joe Hashem, the champion of No Limit Texas Holdem poker event. Inside the Casino Las Vegas Lounge, four hundred and eighteen hearts raced in nervous anticipation. Each individual paid 10,500 dollars to play the richest No Limit Texas Holdem online poker event. One of the reasons for the field growing by more than two hundred per cent in two years is Hachem. After more than eighty hours of playing poker, the chiropractor became an overnight sensation, because he won the main event and received a ten million dollars prize. Nowadays, he has some profitable arrangements in place, among them acting as the Crown of world online poker ambassador for the next eighteen months. He also has several projects, including a television documentary.

Around the world, the game of online poker is growing exponentially. Hachem estimates about two million people play in some form, but that figure could be as high as eight million. In the United States, eighty eight million people play Texas Holdem including celebrities, who add glamour to the game. Only five per cent of the players make a substantial living from the game. Each month, at least one million dollar event occurs somewhere in the world: in Europe, the US, South America or in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to travel twelve months of the year, a player will spend between 300,000 and 500,000 dollars in entry price and expenses.

The poker revolution has increased, mainly due to modern technology. We give credits to TV exposure and online poker sites for taking the game out of smoky backrooms, placing it in full public view and attracting professionals and credibility. Online poker sites have also accelerated the growth of the game. In 2005, 316 of the players that qualified for the World Series of Poker were from online poker rooms, with 28 of them walking away with almost 11 million dollars of the 24 million dollars total prize pool. Hachem grinded his talent with PokerStars, one of the more popular poker rooms, and now it pays him to wear its livery and be involved in its website.

Competitions are played all year round across the world, many of them filmed and packaged for cable TV. The World Poker Tour travels to exotic locations, luring the best players with multimillion-dollar prize pools. Winning on the world stage has made Hachem poker royalty. However, he remains an affable bloke and a dedicated family man, who has been touring with his wife and four children in recent months. He is at ease with his celebrity status but he puts on his game face as soon as he sits down to play. Despite the honor, Hachem remains modest. He prefers to be your average Joe, though one with ten million dollars.

Online Poker is not that different than playing at a poker room. In fact, it is a lot easier and fun.
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